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Engaged & Enabled Employees: IEWC's Recipe for Success

März 11, 2014

Behind the IEWC name stands over 400 employees globally to serve our customers day in and day out. What drives this commitment? A high level of engagement. In 2013, IEWC conducted a Global Engagement Survey using the well-recognized Hay Group. Hay Group holds one of the world's largest databases of employee opinions, which includes over five million people in over 400 organizations. IEWC's results are stellar. Globally we had 97% of our employees respond to the survey. IEWC ranks at the level of "Best in Class Company"; for Employee Engagement with 81% favorable compared to the "average" general industry score of 66%.

Employee engagement, however, is only part of the story. An engaged workforce also needs to be "enabled" to turn its enthusiasm into action. If people feel held back by inefficient processes and systems, or roles that underutilize their skills and abilities or conflicting priorities, they will not be able to deliver to their full potential and effectiveness. In fact, chances are they will become frustrated, which may lead them to stop trying, lose their engagement or even leave the company.

Again, IEWC results are at best in class levels for the level of enablement and effectiveness. 77% of our employees feel they are enabled (general industry average is 65%) and 65% of them feel they are effective (general industry average is 46%).

What is IEWC's recipe for success? An environment that cultivates each employee to reach their potential with well-grounded values: Integrity, Service, Excellence, Communication, Team, Partnership and Transformation. When a company creates a culture with high levels of employee engagement combined with high levels of employee enablement, it results in significantly improved performance, better customer satisfaction and superior financial returns. Engagement + Enablement = Effectiveness

While IEWC's engagement results are outstanding compared to global benchmarking, we always look for opportunities to improve our processes, services and grow our people. At IEWC we have a creed called "yourpotential." This creed fosters employees to See, Define, Pursue and Reach their potential so the whole organization reaches its potential. In 2013, IEWC invested well over 6,000 hours in its employees' formal development. 40% of the positions were filled from within. In 2014, we have added to our Talent Development resources, a Career Development Manager, with the mission to drive IEWC's Strategic Talent Review ensuring people readiness at every level of the organization.

Like many companies, IEWC is experiencing growth and change yet we remain committed to deliver on our promises to our customers, work according to the IEWC foundational values and acknowledge that our employees are the difference. Fostering an environment that enables individuals and teams to work toward reaching yourpotential remains a priority for the management team in partnership with Human Resources.

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