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IEWC - Now in Brazil!

September 26, 2013

Under the leadership of Dave Nestingen, IEWC has refined its goals and vision for the future. After becoming President and CEO in 1999 and having already successfully expanded across the United States, Dave began to set his sights on international opportunities.

In January 2005, IEWC opened its first international sales and distribution office in Aguascalientes, Mexico and later that year in Ontario, Canada. With both locations deemed a huge success for the company, Dave looked for further expansion into additional markets.

After successful expansions into the UK, Germany and China, IEWC focused its attention on Brazil, one of the fastest growing economies in the world.  Since announcing the opening on June 1st 2012 of its first sales and distribution facility near São Paulo, Brazil, IEWC has done much to grow and support their customer base in the South American marketplace.

David Nestingen stated, "In continuing our vision to be the premier provider of global solutions for wire, cable and wire management products, the expansion is the 4th continent in which IEWC conducts business. São Paulo is not only Brazil's largest and most vibrant city, but it is also a key manufacturing center for all of South America. We already have strong partnerships with our suppliers in this region and we look forward to bringing our supply chain solutions to the Brazilian marketplace."

Valber Mascarenhas, Sales Manager, is charged with leading the Brazilian business. Since 1982, Valber has been championing the development of customer relationships in Brazil for various organizations. With over 18 years of experience in multiple wire & cable markets in Brazil, Valber has observed a strong growth potential for IEWC in the capital city of São Paulo and its surrounding areas. Overseeing Valber's initiative is Ricardo Garcia, President of IEWC CALA (Caribbean & Latin America).

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