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IEWC Announces Lanny Million as Sr. Vice President, Strategic Global Sourcing and Business Development

June 27, 2016

IEWC is pleased to announce the appointment of Lanny Million as the Senior Vice President, Strategic Global Sourcing and Business Development. In his new role, Mr. Million will be responsible for leadership activity in the strategic development of supplier relationships within three distinct regions; the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Lanny will be charged with the creation of a Global Strategic Sourcing Team that will ensure IEWC’s ability to partner with its key global supply partners and source the right products and solutions for its customers.  

Matt Herbers, Director of Business Development, is the first member of what will be a three-person team reporting to Mr. Million. The remaining two positions will be secured from Europe and Asia, and will be announced at a later date.

Mr. Million’s transition to Senior Vice President, Strategic Global Sourcing and Business Development, is effective immediately. He will be working out of IEWC’s corporate office in New Berlin, WI and will report directly to Jim Wojan, IEWC’s Chief Operating Officer.

As a point of reference Craig Kaczynski, Global Sourcing Director, and Mike Heard, Global Materials Management and Logistics Director, will continue to play an important day-to-day role in procurement and they will round out the leadership of those respective activities, both reporting to Claire Simard-Graham, IEWC’s Chief Supply Chain Officer.

As a distributor of wire, cable, wire management products and other total connectivity solutions, IEWC seeks to be strategic in linking the capabilities of its global supply base to the needs of its global customer base. IEWC is confident that Mr. Million will set a strong path that is both strategic and actionable.

For additional information please contact Jim Wojan, IEWC Chief Operating Officer, at 440.463.3277 or via e-mail at

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